Hybrid City Council Chamber/Virtual Zoom Meeting
215 East Branch Street, Arroyo Grande
Commission Members Present:
  • Chair Jamie Maraviglia, 
  • Planning Commissioner Catherine Sackrison, 
  • Planning Commissioner Kevin Buchanan, 
  • Vice Chair Bruce Berlin, 
  • and Planning Commissioner Virginia Roof 
Staff Present:
  • Planning Manager Andrew Perez, 
  • Community Development Director Brian Pedrotti, 
  • and Assistant Planner Shayna Gropen 

This meeting was conducted in a hybrid in-person/virtual format. 

Chair Maraviglia called the Planning Commission meeting to order at 6:00pm.

Chair Maraviglia performed the roll call. All Commissioners were present.

Vice Chair Berlin led the flag salute.


Chair Maraviglia opened the public comment period. Hearing none, Chair Maraviglia closed the public comment period.

Chair Maraviglia opened the public comment period. Speaking from the public was Paula Mason. No further public comment was received. 

  • Moved byKevin Buchanan
    Seconded byCatherine Sackrison
    AYES (3)Chair Maraviglia, Kevin Buchanan, and Catherine Sackrison
    ABSTAINED (2)Vice Chair Bruce Berlin, and Virginia Roof
    Passed (3 to 0)


Planning Manager Perez presented the General Plan Update and responded to questions regarding: Housing Element, Community Engagement Summary, Building Permits, Infill housing developments, Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA), SB35 Streamlining, Affordable Housing Trust Fund, Halcyon Complete Streets Plan Status, Street Resurfacing, HASLO Project, and Accessory Dwelling Units. 

Chair Maraviglia opened public comment period. Hearing none, Chair Maraviglia closed the public comment period.

No action was taken on this item. 

Correspondence/Comments as presented by the Planning Commission.

Commissioner Roof commented that given the nature of public comment received at the recent public hearing for the telecommunications tower, the Commission & staff should take a moment to reflect on what they are doing, and how that affects the town. Commissioner Roof applauds the citizens who appeared in person to make public comment and continued by saying, when we have a packed room full of senior citizens who are worried about their future, that feel like second class citizens, something went wrong. Commissioner Roof continued that she would like to live in a community that prioritizes people over corporations, where everyone is valued regardless of socio-economic status. Continued that the Commission and Staff should consider steps to take to improve the process for future issues. 

The Meeting adjourned at 6:34 pm.